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Presentation Style

When you place an order with a florist for a flower arrangement , always try and tell the florist what occasion the arrangement is for, the size of the space where you expect that the flowers will be displayed or where it may be placed by the person who receives your gift. This will assist the florist to prepare the flowers in the most appropriate manner.
If the flowers are to be placed in the centre of a table, the florist should prepare the arrangement in somewhat a circular manner so that it will be attractive when viewed from any direction. The taller blooms would normally be placed in the centre and the remaining flowers arranged in descending height. If the flowers are to be placed on a dining table their height should not be so great that they detract from cross table conversations, and if they are to be placed on a buffet table they should rise well above the food level.
An arrangement that is to be placed against a wall would most likely be arranged in a fan shape with the dominant flowers in a central position.

Florists also like to be told the colors that make up the room decor as this assists in selecting the colors of the flowers.