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Care of Cut Flowers Articles


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Care of Cut Flowers 

When a florist delivers a gift of beautiful flowers we often place them in a position of prominence and just leave them until they begin to wilt when just a little care and attention could help them to maintain their freshness and extend their life.

Before you place your flowers in a vase, remove any leaves that may extend down into the water. Water saturated leaves will quickly rot and this leads to the production of bacteria.It is also wise to remove a small section of the stem by cutting at an angle with a sharp pair of scissors or knife. The extra area of stem end allows for greater water absorption. This trimming may have to be done every couple of days, just look for a discoloration or slight rotting of the stem.The water in the vase should be changed daily, and always add some cut flower food that can be purchased from florists.
Be aware that flowers placed in a draught, near heat coming from a room heater or in sunshine shining through a window will tend to have an acceleration of water loss and so develop premature wilting.In warm weather an occasional spray with water from a misting nozzle will help to maintain humidity near the flowers and the small droplets look quite attractive on the petals, particularly on roses.